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Bianco Napoleon Granite Countertops, Slab And Prices

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Bianco Napoleon Granite Countertops, Slab And Prices

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Bianco Napoleon Granite
Bianco Napoleon Granite Reviews

Name Product: Bianco Napoleon

Also Known As: Bianco Napoleon Granite Slab

Stone Type: Granite

Thickness :  3 cm

Slab Length: 120

Slab Height: 90

Slab Square Foot: 60

Water Absorption : 0. 35 By weight %

Finish : Tumbled,  Aged, Polished,  Honed and Leather

Colors : White

Pattern : _

Prices : $29. 44 per square foot

Origins :  Brazil

Suggested Use: Kitchen Backsplash,  Kitchen Countertops and Shelves Bathrooms
Home Designer Comment : Bianco Napoleon Granite  is a naturally igneous rock  that formed over 5 million years ago by the crystallization of molten rock from volcanic activity and pressure over times. This stunning stone  is one of the most versatile countertop investments.

Home Designer Comments : Bianco Napoleon Granite have an unique appearance and come with specks or veins of white and has a background composed of mainly whites and greys with a unique blend of taupe and burgundy creating the movement in this stone.

Bianco Napoleon Granite is strong, durable, last longer, lightweight and very ideal for both interior use. Besides, Bianco Napoleon Granite its resistance to acids, incredible consistency, low prices, and ease to blend with other colors combination in home interior. Bianco Napoleon Granite has medium variations from slab to slab. These characteristics makes  Bianco Napoleon Granite very desirable by many architecture and professional designer.

You can use Bianco Napoleon Granite as a part of your home interior  building construction including: Kitchen Countertops,  Kitchen Backsplash and Bathrooms floor.

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