Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beautiful Children’s Rooms

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Beautiful Children’s Rooms

Designing a child’s bedroom can be very challenging considering the fast pace in which kids are growing up these days. It’s hard enough keeping up with endless influx of technological gadgets before finding ways to store all of these “next best things”. But alas, there are fun innovative storage solutions disguised by splashes of color that would make any room look like a three dimensional Picasso! In these beautifully designed rooms below, the perfect balance of practicality and creativity has been achieved and will easily appeals to parents and children alike.

Furniture Maker: Columbini

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  1. Este tipo de parece totalmente melhor. Esses pequenos detalhes geralmente são feitos junto com muitos detalhes de base. Ler seu blog não é perda de tempo. Obrigado pela ótima sensação ao ler seu artigo interessante.